This is our first post on Pakistan Independence Day blog day I hope all of you will be fine when you will read this article. Many of you may searching for Pakistan Independence Day Songs 2017, 14 August Song 2017 Download, Pakistani national songs 
, so you can independence day of Pakistan in a good way.

Pakistan Independence Day Songs 2017

If you are also searching for Pakistan National Day Song and still didn't find any good song for independence day then don't be worried because today in this article I am going to share 10 best songs for independence day of Pakistan which you can play louder on 14 august of the recent year.

10 Best Pakistani Independence Day Songs 2017 List

1 Ay Rah e Haq Kay Shaheedo

This song is for paying tribute to soliders of Pakistan Army which sacrificed their lives in wars for giving safety to whole nation. You might have listen Ay Raah E Haq Kay Shaheedo before but this version of the song is sung by various artists in Coke Studio. You can also play this song to pay tribute to Pak Army and for celebrating Pakistani Independence day on 14 august 2017.

2 Main To Dekhu Ga By Strings

Main To Dekhu Ga is not just a song but a strong hope for the better and peaceful Pakistan which we are going to see very soon. In the video of main to dekhu ga independence day song you will see that singer of this song is telling a story to little child that soon I will see a better Pakistan where food will be cheaper and the life of a person will be expensive, You will also see this Pakistan very soon.

3 Azaadi by Ali Azmat

If talk about the independence day of Pakistan then how can we neglect  a masterpeice song Azaadi by Ali Azmat from the list of Independence day songs. In this song Ali Azmat is telling us about the story of Pakistan that how it created and how many sacrifices has given by our forfathers. You will also see Quaid e Azam and Fatima Jinnah in the video of Pakistan Azaadi Song which are not real but for giving tribute to our legends.

4 Dharti Hai Maa by Abrar ul Haq

Abar ul Haq created many songs for the Pakistan and Dharti hai Maa is one of them in which he is giving tribute to Pakistan the land of the beauty. You can also use Dharti Hai Maa song on Pakistan Independence day.

5 Parcham by Sofia Kaif

Parcham Mere Watan Ka is undoubtedly a very beautiful Pakistan Independence Day Song 2017 which you must play in the party of independence day of Pakistan in 2017.

6 Sohni Dharti Allah Rakhay by Habib Wali Muhammad

The finest song ever for 14 August which is remembered by every child of Pakistan. Habib Wali Muhamad sung Sohni Dharti Allah Rakhe Pakistan Idependence Day Song in very beautiful style and I think that is the reason why it is still being played.

7 Ay Puttar Hattan Tey by Hadiqa Kiyani.

This song is orginally composed and sung by our legend Madam Noor Jehan for paying tribute to maryters of Pakistan Army which sacrificed their lives in the war of 1965. Now Hadiqa Kiyani is paying tribute to Noor Jehan and Pakistan Army by singing Ay Puttar Hattan Tey Nai Wikday in her own style.

8 Mere Pakistan by  Benjamin Sisters

I have shared Pakistani Songs for Pakistan Independence Day but did I mention something about Benjamin Sisters? No? Don't worry here I am going to share the very beautiful song Mere Pakistan by Benjamin Sisters which will make you love for our beloved country Pakistan and for it's people.

9 Shukriya Pakistan by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has also paid tribute to Pakistan by singing a very beautiful song of Independence day which is Shukriya Pakistan. So, play this song and say Thank You to Pakistan on the independence day of Pakistan.

10 Pakistan Pakistan Mera Imaan Pakistan by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

This song should be on the top of all songs because of the Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan but we placed it in the end of the List of Pakistan Independence Day Song 2017 because I want you to hear this song with more love and Passion.

Final Words

So. in this article I have shared 10 Best Pakistan Independence Day Songs 2017, I tried my best for creating this list and I also know that I left many songs which should be included in the list of independence day songs of Pakistan but don't be worried there are many more articles coming on it's way.

In this article I am going to share 10 Best Pakistan Independence Day Songs 2017 which also includes 14 August Song 2017 Download, 14 August Songs Pakistani and Pakistan National Day Song which are sung by various Pakistani singers like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Ali Azmat, Sofia Kaif. You can play these songs on independence day of Pakistan on 14 August 2017.

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